New TrueFire Course: Jazzin’ the Blues Vol. 1

I launched my newest course launched last week called Jazzin’ the Blues Vol. 1. Which in this first volume, I jump start your jazzed blues skills by guiding you through 20 performance studies, each focused on a specific jazz harmonic concept.

The course is organized into 10 sets of lessons. Each set focuses on a specific jazz harmonic approach and each features two solo performance studies. I perform the soloing performance study and then break it down note-for-note explaining the underlying harmonic approach.

You’ll learn how to “jazz up your blues” by playing your way through the course — no tedious theory or boring exercises to struggle through.

All of the performance studies are tabbed and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes. You’ll also get Guitar Pro files so that you can play, loop and/or slow down the tab and notation as you work through the lessons. Plus, all of the backing tracks for you to work with on your own.

Free samples of the course are available online here with an option to purchase the full course.

Also be sure to check out my channel The Jazz Studio for performances video lessons and more.

New! Subscribe to my Channel – The Jazz Studio

Welcome to the Jazz Studio! If you love learning and playing jazz guitar as much as I do, then you’ll love hanging out here in the Jazz Studio with myself and other passionate students just like you.

I’ve designed the Jazz Studio to provide you with a massive library of video lessons and a full range of resources to help take your playing to the next level. And we’ll have a blast doing it together!

The Concert Hall section features videos of my most treasured moments on stage and the Listening Room is filled with performances by other artists that have inspired me, and I’m sure will inspire you as well. Riffs and Licks will build your jazz guitar vocabulary with truckloads of bebop, swing and blues licks, jazz rhythms, fills, chordal riffs, and much, much more.

No pain, no gain is the mantra for building up your chops up in the Workout Room with the picking exercises, scalar workouts, rhythm exercises, and more that you’ll find there. You’ll learn songs in the Song Bank and we’ll work on Chord Melody techniques and arrangements in the Chord Melody Club.

And of course, we’ll dig deep on improvisational approaches, applied theory, and creative techniques in the Improv section. We’ll pull it all together, and have some fun jamming together in the Playalongs section, which is stocked with swing blues, bebop, and jazz standard playalongs.

Dozens and dozens of my video lessons in the Jazz Studio, across all of the sections, are free to all TrueFire students — just favorite my Jazz Studio channel on TrueFire and jump in anytime!

Premium subscribers have unlimited access to everything including all of the video lessons, tabs, notation, playalongs , and discussion threads. Premium subscribers also have access to the Green Room where you can ask me questions and share videos of yourself.

Premium subscription is only $5 a month — no typo, just $5 a month!

I’ll be adding new video lessons and materials to all of the key learning sections, each and every month — new songs, new chord melody arrangements, new licks, workouts, and playalongs every month!

Grab your guitar and lets get busy in the Jazz Studio!

New TrueFire Foundry Course

Excited to announce my newest Foundry course collaboration with Truefire called 30 Juicy Substitutions for a 2-5-1 Progression. This course focuses on the 2-5-1 progression (ii-V-I) which is found in thousands of jazz standards. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a jazz standard that doesn’t have a 2-5-1 progression somewhere within it. Jazz guitar players need to equip themselves with a massive vocabulary of 2-5-1 substitutions that they can call on to spice up their comping, keep their audience engaged, and provide their vocalists and other soloists in the band with other colors and textures.

Building and getting comfortable with your own 2-5-1 comping vocabulary can take years, but this course will quickly and squarely get you in the game with 30 tasty and very versatile 2-5-1 chord and substitution options.

All of the substitutions are tabbed and notated for your practice, reference and study purposes. All backing tracks are also included for you to work with on your own.

Jazz cat or not this is one that you definitely won’t want to miss. Be sure to check out the free samples online or purchase the full course here.



New! Study Online Privately with Frank

I dedicate my life to teaching jazz guitar and am so excited to be working with TrueFire for over 10 years on these breakthrough ways to work with students all over the world. Whether you feel you just need a lesson to get you on track with a study plan or just want to learn a couple of new substitutions, I believe I can help you. TrueFire’s new platform makes it easy for us to communicate and work together!

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Win a Frank Vignola Signature Eastman Guitar

Celebrate the launch of Frank Vignola’s Eastman Signature Guitar by entering this free guitar giveaway courtesy of Eastman and TrueFire! The randomly-selected winner will be announced on July 17th. Follow the instructions below to enter — it’s quick, easy, and free!

Update: The giveaway period has ended. A big thank you to everyone who entered, and Eastman Guitars for their continued support! Be sure to subscribe to my email list for updates on future giveaways and more.

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