30 Chord Melody Riffs for the 2-5-1 Progression

Here are 30 chord melody riffs for the infamous 2-5-1 progression which is in almost every jazz standard that you can mention. I go through, in detail, 6 different 2 measure riffs for 5 different keys, totaling 30 unique chord melody riffs. We start with a quick demonstration performance of the riff so you can hear it played through a bunch of times in succession. This is followed by a detailed breakdown video where I break down the riff for you in detail going through every chord and nuance of the riff. Lastly, there is practice along video where we will play the riff together at practice tempo. This is an example of how to practice the riff. Alter the tempo to your comfort level. So, grab your guitar, tune it up, and let’s get started.

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