In the Jam with Frank and Julian Lage

This edition of In The Jam features Frank Vignola & Julian Lage each playing rhythm and lead guitar parts across 10 multi-track video jams in a variety of jazz feels, tempos and keys. This edition features bass and drum tracks from top session players (audio tracks only) and both audio and video tracks for both Frank and Julian’s guitar parts. Frank provides a full-length commentary for each of the video jams sharing priceless insight and improvisational tips. Plus, both Frank and Julian present related insight on jazz performance skills. Lead sheets are included for all of the tracks, plus tab and standard notation for all of the guitar performances. Practice smart, play hard — get In The Jam with Frank Vignola & Julian Lage!

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  1. Joseph, Joseph Frank Vignola 4:23
  2. Tico Tico Frank Vignola 4:36
  3. Sleepytime Gal Frank Vignola 3:56