Let’s Learn Songs: Volume 1

The approach here is simple. I take 10 great classic songs and provide 3 video’s per song. First, I teach you the chords to the song. I breakdown, in detail, the chords, suggesting my favorite substitutions. Next, we go over the melody. Note by note, fret by fret, finger by finger, I break down the melody and offer advice on what I to do in order to spice up the melody a bit through phrasing, bends, etc… Finally, we put it all together in a video jam. First, you play the melody while I accompany, then we switch back and forth for a bunch of choruses. There is also a tutorial on the two song forms most standard songs are comprised of. And, a tutorial on phrasing with some simple techniques to help you phrase the melodies. I have learned so many songs by simply having someone show me the song sitting across from me, with no music. This is what I try to emulate in this Let’s Learn Songs series. With that said, you do get a pdf lead sheet of each of the songs with TAB although I suggest you play the melodies in all different areas of the fingerboard. Learning songs is so much fun for me and I hope this series makes it fun for you. Volume 1 Songlist: Dinah, Strike Up The Band, Stardust, I Want To Be Happy, Sweet Georgia Brown, PS I Love You, I Never Knew, My Blue Heaven, OH Lady, Be Good, and The Man I Love.
What You Get

34 Video Lessons
147 of Total Video Runtime
Tab & Standard Notation Charts
Slow-Motion & Looping Features
Download Size: 1.20 GB

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