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New Downloadable Video Lessons! 40 Juicy Substitutions for the 2-5-1 Progression Here are 40 of the juiciest chord substitutions I could come up with for the 2-5-1 progression. Try them out on your favorite tunes one at a time. Remember that depending on the melody will determine which substitutions to use. If the melody note is on the Root you obviously wouldn’t play a substitution with the Major 7th on top. So, use your ears to determine which substitutions sound best. Remember these are movable forms so you can play these substitutions in all 12 keys. You get 2 video files, manuscript W/ CHORD GRIDS and text. Instant Download – $9.95 Common Tone Exercise Common Tone Practice and usage is a great improvisational tool. I learned this exercise from the great Joe Pass. Basically you are using the same tone and altering the chords while keeping the same common tone [Click the title to read more...]

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