Join Me at My UK Guitar Camp!

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About the Camp: We speak about the importance of good warm up’s and Improvisation. Frank, Olli and Vinny will go over and demonstrate very important fingerboard studies which connect your ears to fingers while connecting them to songs. Jamming is an important part of Frank’s workshops so be prepared to play, play, play. Each student is provided in advance with 20 lead sheets so we are all prepared to play together. To learn more or book your place at this event place follow this link here Rhythm Guitar: Frank, Olli and Vinny will teach about Rhythm Guitar through jamming. He will go over two styles of rhythm, Gypsy Django style and the swing Freddie Green style of rhythm playing. These two styles were influenced by each other and very similar. Jam Session: Each Participant will receive 15 lead sheets in advance! There is no better teacher than jamming songs with [Click the title to read more…]

New Downloadable Lessons Added Every Month!

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New Downloadable Video Lessons! NEW! It Had To Be You Chord Melody It Had To Be You is a popular song written by Isham jones in 1924. It has been covered by just about every jazz artist you can think of. Here is a chord melody arrangement that I hope you will enjoy. You get pdf manuscript with TAB and video demonstration. Instant Download – $4.95 NEW! 20 Blues Infused 2-5-1 Be Bop Licks Blues and Jazz go hand in hand. Without the Blues, there is no Jazz. These 20 licks focus on infusing the Blues into Be Bop. Essentially combining the two very distinctive styles. Play these licks at different tempos, in different keys and always look for other fingerings besides what’s written. Notice how the Tonic Blues Scale works so well against the Dominant V7 chord. It creates tension and then release when landing on the 1 chord. [Click the title to read more…]